Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro User Manual

Find out more about Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro (S327VL) user manual, what kind of information you will find inside this manual, where to get one, and what good will it bring to your new phone.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro

We are not going to discuss its cool features, its price, its battery capacity, instead, we are going to discuss Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro user manual.

You must be quite familiar with this word. Every single thing that we bought, especially electronic device, always comes with a user manual.

It was supposed to help us, the user of the device, to get full information about the device. This information will guide us the right way in term of operating the device.

The same thing goes for Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro (S327VL) user manual. Within the user manual, you will find complete information about the phone.

Special Features

When you open this user manual, the first thing you will notice is the chapters. Within each chapter, you will find information about a specific theme.

The first chapter is “Special Features”. This chapter explains about special features of Samsung galaxy J3 Luna Pro, in this case, it was side speaker.

Getting Started

On the second chapter, the “Getting Started”, you will find an explanation about how to start using the device for the first time.

This is where you will learn about the device hardware, assembly procedures, and how to get started.

This chapter explains everything in 3 parts. The first part explains the legal part of the phone. Read it to ensure you don’t trip on anything illegal.

The second part explains everything about how to set up the device for the first time.

It will tell you how to assemble the device, how to start using the device (including how to turn it on and off), and how to set up the device (including how to use setup wizard and setup Google account).

The last part explains everything about the device. This is where you can learn the key features of this phone from the physical component of the phone (front and back), screen and icon, how to navigate the device, how to enter text using the keyboard, and also emergency mode, which will be very useful in an emergency situation.


The next chapter talks about apps, specifically about how to use each app. Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro comes with tons of apps and they are 1Weather, App Finder, calculator, calendar, camera and video, clock, contacts, email, Facebook, Galaxy apps, gallery, Google apps, internet, messages, messenger, My Files, phone, Samsung+, secure folder, and TracFone apps.

You can learn how to use those apps and then, you can learn how to download and install new apps, and also how to uninstall or disable an app.

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This chapter explains everything you need to know to configure and change the device settings. It starts with how to access and use the setting.

From there, you can make a change on many aspects of the phone including connections, sounds and vibration, notification, display, wallpapers and themes, device maintenance, lock screen and security, accounts, accessibility, and others setting (including application setting and one-handed operation).

If you want to know how to change the sounds for the phone call and message you received, go to the setting part that talks about sounds and vibration. In there, you will find the instruction on how to make the change, and so on.

Getting Help

Not only give you full information about Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro, this user manual also gives you something more in the form of additional resource where you can watch a video, simulator, get more tips regarding Samsung device, and Samsung support.

This user manual gives you the link to all those additional resources. If you feel like to get more tips, just click on the link and there you are.

Download User Manual

Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro (S327VL) user manual has so many information that you will be sorry to miss out. You can put this user manual in your phone for easy access or print it so you can read it conveniently. Just make sure to keep it close by for future reference.

Download: Galaxy J3 Luna Pro User Manual (PDF)

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